Scorecards for Financial Services
Welcome to Keynote Scorecards for Financial Services
Keynote's Scorecards for Financial Services are bi-annual industry-specific scorecards that use a framework of 200+ expert-determined criteria to measure sites' ability to meet best practice guidelines. Criteria are grouped into industry-specific "user tasks" (e.g., Apply for an account, Transact, Learn & Plan) and "categories" (Functionality, Usability, Privacy & Security, Quality & Availability) in order to help firms identify the strengths and/or opportunities in specific areas of their sites.
Feel free to browse the industry scorecards below. Scorecards measure and compare how well a site facilitates the completion of specific tasks and how well it meets user experience criteria. You don't need a subscription to see the overall company rankings, but you will need one to access all scores for all firms.

Dec. 2013BanksMay. 2014
Dec. 2013Insurance, Carrier SitesJun. 2014
Nov. 2013Credit CardMay. 2014
Oct. 2013MortgageSep. 2014
Mar. 2009Brokers, Full-ServiceNov. 2009
Jul. 2008Brokers, Self-DirectedJun. 2009

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